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I take way too many pictures of myself.


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You have no fucking friends?

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Autophobia: the fear of being alone or oneself.

I feel like I have it sometimes.

Well, not completely but it happens.

I hate winter, well, most of it anyways. 

I feel the most alone during winter because people don’t go out as much in the cold. And also the fact that I just tend to push people away. I don’t know why I do it but it happens. 

I’m so afraid of being alone. 

I feel really weird. Its scary. I don’t know why though. 

Ever since I was little, its just happened.

I get sick, really sick sometimes. I start dry-heaving.

Its just something that happens. 

I try to stay as close to people as possible during these months. 

I try to get out my house as much as possible to be with friends or when I have no other choice and I’m home, I actually spend time with my family. 

I just get really sad being alone. 

I get really paranoid, like I’m being watched.  

I don’t think I’d like to be alone in the future.

Its weird ‘cause I basically raised myself alone. My parents were always working. 


i swear, girls nowadays will put a heart after everything. 

you see statuses such as:

  • had a great time ♥
  • i want food ♥
  • today’s boring ♥
  • in the kitchen ♥
  • i did all my chores ♥
  • cleaning the bathroom ♥
  • blehhh, so sick ♥
  • i lost my shirt ♥

pretty soon, you’re gonna see this:

  • took a major shit ♥
  • taking a pee ♥


What the fuck, man? Why’d you fucking fake on us?! Look at this.. The three of us had such fucking great times. I’m looking at fucking statuses on the “Previous statuses” sidebar thing on facebook and .. its really fucking ridiculous. There’s so many things I could post of the 3 of us showing all the great times we all had together. All the fucking things we planned, man. You’re fucking insane. We’re all fucking insane. But you had to go and change, change for the worse. You made new friends, “better friends”. You told Berto and I that you were so busy this summer, but you weren’t. You were out with people. We went to pick you up one night but you’re mom was mad at you about how much you went out, how you were never home and how you would stay up all night. You told people of all the “fun things you did this summer”. What the fuck. Then when you say you finally have “free time”, you leave to Boston, then try to play it off like you weren’t there. I tried to talk to you, but you say I give you “attitude”, so you call Berto and talk shit. He’s my bestfriend too. He’s gonna tell me what you’re saying. You told him you’d make your best effort to hang with us as soon ad you’d get back. You Never even texted us. Once. Time goes on and we’re in school. You still don’t speak to us. You’re just speaking of us. About me. Talking about something you don’t even know. It pissed me off. But I let it go. I shouldn’t stress it. But then time goes on again and you make it worse. You keep talking. You make shit worse. That’s when I flip. That’s when I cursed you out. Of course, I felt horrible after but how could you do that? You were supposed to be my bestfriend. Mine and Berto’s bestfriend. But you just walked out of our life. You became everything you ever hated. You became a shit talker. You’re almost unrecognizable.. You lie. You have yet to realize you’re the worst at it. We can recognize when you’re lying. And you lied to us. A lot. I just have to say, that I miss all the good times we had. From the first day we hung out, our first bro day, chugging monsters in the cold at Hess park to the last day we hung out, making burnt chicken nuggets and fries. And all the things in between, man. 

Just why. 


My inner douche is showing.

Is it normal to just mentally bash the shit out of someone just from seeing their name written on your computer screen?

I just can’t stand it, I’m a crazy mo’fucka.

I’m can also be very jealous.

Resisting the urge to be a douche and make a stupid comment.

Yeah, I can control myself.

I think.


Most people just hate me.

& Its not even a “they get to know me then hate me thing”, its a “they have never even spoken to me in their life and they hate me” kinda thing.

I have never actually done anything against these people, but they just hate me.

I don’t fucking understand.

If you’re gonna hate me, get to know me first and I’ll give you a reason to.


I flipped out yesterday, I felt so much better after I did.

Sometimes, things like that just have to be done.

Specially on people who think they know everything and talk shit.

Now fuck off, you got your warning.