I take way too many pictures of myself.


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You have no fucking friends?

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Autophobia: the fear of being alone or oneself.

I feel like I have it sometimes.

Well, not completely but it happens.

I hate winter, well, most of it anyways. 

I feel the most alone during winter because people don’t go out as much in the cold. And also the fact that I just tend to push people away. I don’t know why I do it but it happens. 

I’m so afraid of being alone. 

I feel really weird. Its scary. I don’t know why though. 

Ever since I was little, its just happened.

I get sick, really sick sometimes. I start dry-heaving.

Its just something that happens. 

I try to stay as close to people as possible during these months. 

I try to get out my house as much as possible to be with friends or when I have no other choice and I’m home, I actually spend time with my family. 

I just get really sad being alone. 

I get really paranoid, like I’m being watched.  

I don’t think I’d like to be alone in the future.

Its weird ‘cause I basically raised myself alone. My parents were always working. 


i swear, girls nowadays will put a heart after everything. 

you see statuses such as:

  • had a great time ♥
  • i want food ♥
  • today’s boring ♥
  • in the kitchen ♥
  • i did all my chores ♥
  • cleaning the bathroom ♥
  • blehhh, so sick ♥
  • i lost my shirt ♥

pretty soon, you’re gonna see this:

  • took a major shit ♥
  • taking a pee ♥

My inner douche is showing.

Is it normal to just mentally bash the shit out of someone just from seeing their name written on your computer screen?

I just can’t stand it, I’m a crazy mo’fucka.

I’m can also be very jealous.

Resisting the urge to be a douche and make a stupid comment.

Yeah, I can control myself.

I think.


Most people just hate me.

& Its not even a “they get to know me then hate me thing”, its a “they have never even spoken to me in their life and they hate me” kinda thing.

I have never actually done anything against these people, but they just hate me.

I don’t fucking understand.

If you’re gonna hate me, get to know me first and I’ll give you a reason to.


I flipped out yesterday, I felt so much better after I did.

Sometimes, things like that just have to be done.

Specially on people who think they know everything and talk shit.

Now fuck off, you got your warning.